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Falling is not a natural part of getting older, but it happens for many seniors who don’t have safe and accessible showers that fit their needs. 

Approximately 36 million seniors report falling and injuring themselves every year, and those falls can be costly — and even deadly. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that falling is the cause of 32,000 deaths each year in older adults, with 3 million seniors being treated in the emergency room.

More often than not, these falls take place in the home. With the slippery nature of getting in and out of a wet shower, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places for seniors. 

As we age, it’s crucial to retrofit the bathroom so that it does not become a hazard. Ensuring a safe bathroom may involve a shower remodel project, which will inevitably be less expensive than the cost of a hip fracture or worse.

Here are some options for ensuring the bathroom is a safe space in the home:

Install Grab Bars

The towel holder seems like a fine place to grab during the exit from a shower, but they are not designed to be sturdy enough if you lose your balance. Towel holders also aren’t strategically located around the bathroom like grab bars can be.

By adding grab bars, the bathroom will be easier to navigate when surfaces are wet and slick. Grab bars can be added to the shower wall to add confidence and additional support when moving in and out of wet surfaces. 

Add a Seat to the Shower

For people who are injured or have trouble standing for even short periods of time, a seat in the shower is ideal. The most aesthetically pleasing and safest kinds of shower seats are ones that are built-in to the shower itself. These kinds of seats offer a level of comfort and relaxation to a shower experience, in addition to making it safer. 

Consider a Walk-In Tub

A common place for slipping in the bathroom is getting in and out of a tub, which naturally involves balancing. But if you still desire the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant soak after a long day, you won’t want to do away with the tub. That’s when experts recommend a walk-in tub. 

Walk-in tubs are designed especially for seniors, are attractive, and are easy to enter and exit. Many people add extra grab bars and retractable shower handles to make the bathing experience safer and more enjoyable.

Remodel with a Shower Conversion

Finally, if a tub seems too dangerous, a shower conversion is a solution. New showers can include slip-resistant floors and low thresholds, so they are safer than tubs. It’s possible to add grab bars and seats for added safety.

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